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Tata Communication's Content Delivery Network Locations Map

Our Network

We don’t just aim to meet customer expectations – but to exceed them.

That’s why we continually make major investments to improve our state-of-the-art communications infrastructure. The USD $1.19 billion spent on our global subsea fibre network – one of the world’s largest and most advanced – is just one example.

Taking you further

Right now, our global subsea and terrestrial network covers 700,000 km – more than 17 times around the world. Its one-of-a-kind innovations include:

We also own and operate more than 1 million sq ft of data centre space in 44 locations worldwide.

With 24% of the world’s internet routes on our network, we offer greater flexibility and performance. Our Content Delivery Network offers the most direct routes between your content and your end users, and is uniquely engineered to reach both developed and emerging markets directly and quickly.

Welcome to a New World of Communications™ focused on making our customers more efficient, agile and competitive in today’s global economy.