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Deliver rich, HD content at blazing fast speed – on any device, anywhere, at any peak

Real-time video streaming is one of the most exciting areas of content delivery. It’s no surprise that recent data from FreeWheel's Q3 Video Monetization Report shows that 82% of live online video ad views are now tied to sports content.

Tata Communications Live Streaming is your opportunity to make the most of growth in consumption of online content. Our end-to-end, managed services place a high-quality user experience centre stage – optimised for any device and delivered via our highly scalable, carrier-grade global CDN infrastructure.

The result?

Tata Communications can help you create more opportunities and maximise revenue by delivering ‘stickier' content with minimised buffering and lag. Not to mention deep-dive analytics to drive your future monetisation strategies. All this and more – with minimum capex exposure.

Interoperable, Compatible, Scalable

Tata Communications' CDN is the world's first to be optimised for global delivery of live and on-demand video content delivery to a whole new level

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Tata Communications’ CDN is the world’s first to be optimised for live and on demand video distribution – its advanced technologies taking end-to-end content delivery to a whole new level