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Manage and deliver large files and software downloads for a superlative and seamless digital experience

You need to make sure your end users can download the latest software whenever they need it, wherever they are. But a new release means demand spikes, leading to unreliable speeds and slow connectivity.

All too soon you can be facing higher bandwidth and fulfilment costs, as well as lower software adoption rates.

Tata Communications helps you avoid the pitfalls of software delivery with our global Carrier-Grade Content Delivery Network, that’s connected to our Tier 1 IP network, carrying 24% of the world’s internet routes and extending to over 200 countries and territories.

Our global network of high performance servers will cache the latest version of your software download closest to your end user. That means minimal latencies and higher download completion rates. So you can seamlessly deliver anything from anti-virus patches to software updates, anytime and anywhere across the globe.

High Speed Downloads, Highly Accurate Results

With nodes across the globe and on all major continents, our CDN will massively boost your delivery speed.

Key features include:

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With nodes across the globe and on all major continents, our CDN is guaranteed to massively boost your delivery speed