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Whole Site Acceleration

Ensure the blazing fast load times you need to keep your audience hooked.

Just two to three seconds. That’s all you have to engage your web visitor with lag-free rich content before their attention – and your revenue potential – disappears elsewhere.

Tata Communications Whole Site Acceleration (WSA) delivers the consistent speed and carrier-grade resilience you need to ensure your content is always instantly accessible – worldwide. Our advanced WSA technology makes worrying about traffic spikes, page load times and multi-device global delivery a thing of the past.

Not yet using a CDN? We help you avoid the expense and hassle of upscaling existing infrastructure and capacity.

If you are, then leverage the reduced risk of a multi-CDN approach and benefit from our proven track record in both emerging and developed countries.

Flexible, Responsive, Resilient

Key features include:

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Tata Communications’ Whole Site Acceleration is backed by tightly integrated connectivity and data centre infrastructures, plus a complete suite of network and managed services